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Gun Review: Crosman Phantom P10 or C11 CO2 BB Handgun

The Crosman Phantom P10 and C11 are essentially one and the same gun, except for one minor little difference: Crosman added 2 small non-functional weights to the inside of the C11 that make it feel heavier and more realistic in your hand. Those weights don't change the mechanics or function of the gun in any way, so the P10 and C11 are identical guns in terms of looks and performance. However at over $50 the C11 at Bass Pro Shop and other sporting goods stores costs significantly more than the Walmart version P10 at just over $30. Since their is no performance improvement whatsoever, we would highly recommend buying the P10 for around $30 instead of the C11 for $50 if you are so inclined.

For the price, the Crosman Phantom P10/C11 is a nice little C02 BB gun. But in a direct comparison, the Umarex XBG is a superior product. It performs better and it's cheaper. The Crosman P10 is plagued with gas pressure loss when you try to insert a new CO2 cartridge. There seems to be no way around losing some gas before you have the chance to fully tighten the seal. Accuracy is so so. And the P10/C11 clocked in at only 380 FPS on a chronograph test in the real world. Far below the 480 FPS velocity claimed on the package. Meanwhile the Umarex XBG clocked a velocity of 411 FPS, which was actually a little bit higher than the 410 FPS claimed on the package.

During performance tests, the Umarex XBG was more accurate and pierced both sides of a soup can, while the Crosman Phantom P10 failed to even pierce one side.

What others have said about the Crosman Phantom P10/C11 CO2 Handgun:

"The Crosman P10 is typical Crosman quality and value. It appears to be a re-badged Crosman C11. It's quite accurate for a smooth-bore air pistol. One CO2 cartridge provides enough power to shoot about five 18-round magazines. Although the pistol provides enough power for paper target shooting, it should not be used for pest control or small game hunting."

"Everything went fine for about 3 days. I went through about 5 co2 cartriges and then the ammo clip mechanism broke. It wont hold the clip in anymore. After doing some research online, I found out this is a very common problem with this gun."

"Loading a CO2 is a pain. Crosman went for looks rather than function in this area. Looks nice, but it's a real pain to load the CO2 cartridges. They are hard to get in, and they lose gas before you can fully tighten them. Sometimes the handle cover of the CO2 cartridge will not fit properly if you can't push the CO2 far enough up the handle. As for accuracy, I hit the target about 40% of the time. I can see the BBs going wild more than half the time. It's a fun little gun to shoot, but I would not buy another one. "

"I bought one and had to return it 4 times now for another one, and still have not found a good one. If the CO2 does not leak when you first put it in, then the clips going bad waste it. And the clips are held in by a little piece of plastic that will break. The gun will not shoot straight either. Crosman quality really went out the window on this gun. The P10 is a good looking gun, if you just want to hang it on the wall and say you got it. But if you want quality, this is not your gun."

Video Review:

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