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Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol Review

The Gamo PT-85 Blowback pellet pistol is a great airgun for target practice and plinking. The gun is mostly metal and looks and feels very realistic. The blowback effect is a nice touch and makes it feel like you're shooting a .22 caliber handgun. The gun uses some of the C02 to achieve the blowback effect, which is unfortunate because it makes the gun weaker than it could have been. Personally I would have preferred this gun without blowback and higher FPS instead.

Gamo claims the gun has 450 FPS with special alloy pellets and under perfect conditions. But conditions in the real world are rarely perfect, and most of the time you're not going to be shooting expensive special alloy pellets, but the cheap standard lead kind, which are much slower. When clocked on a chronograph, the Gamo PT-85 only had a disappointing 354 FPS - almost 100 FPS below the speed claimed on the packaging.

While testing the gun and comparing it to other air handguns, I found that the Umarex XBG, which costs less than half of the PT-85, had far better penetration power, and performed much closer to the speed claimed by the manufacturer. From 15 feet, the Umarex XBG easily shot BBs through both sides of a soup can (not a soda can, but a much thicker, sturdier soup can.) But the PT-85 was not even able to penetrate one side of the soup can. The pellets just left a dent.

Both guns were fairly accurate, so if I had to make a choice, I would buy the Umarex XBG BB gun instead of the Gamo PT-85 pellet gun.

What others have said about the PT-85 Blowback:

"This pistol is not a toy by any means. It's an adult air pistol and shoots 450 fps with GAMO PBA alloy pellets. I stress this because recently in my area a guy pulled an air pistol on a police officer. Needless to say the guy who pulled the pistol is no longer with us. NEVER carry something like this in public or in your car and never point it at a police officer. This gun feels and looks like the real deal. It looks very similar to the Sig Sauer or Springfield .45 caliber. From 20 feet it's right on target. Once you get to around 30 feet your hits get a little low because of drop. I would not shoot this pistol beyond 30 ft. It doesn't have the FPS or velocity for greater distances."

"The blowback feature on this gun is great. It simulates firing an actual gun. I know a few police officers who use this pistol regularly to keep their accuracy consistent and it also helps save expensive ammo in the process."

"This pistol really likes the destroyer pellets. I got my most consistent groups during target practice with this pellet. Each CO2 cartridge will give you approximately 32-40 shots before you start to see a decline in velocity."

"I own this as well as the H&K USP pistol. I also have several pellet rifles. This is THE funnest airgun I've ever owned. The H&K is garbage compared to this beauty. The first time I shot it I was shocked at how realistic it is. I can see how this could be used as a training weapon as some reviews have stated. The blowback is awesome. I'm getting 1" groups at 30 feet. Make no mistake, this is a real gun. It just uses air instead of gun powder to propel the projectiles."

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