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Hi-Point C9 9mm Handgun Review

Guns come in many different price ranges. Gun aficionados pay well over $1000 for the handgun of their choice. But just because a gun is more expensive, it does not neccessarily mean it's better. And not everyone is willing to pay the price of a used car for a gun.

For people who are looking for a good, reliable, inexpensive gun that does what it's supposed to do, and does it well, Hi-Point offers low-priced American-made handguns that prove time and again that, no matter what, they can be counted on to work when you need them. Thatís exactly what the companyís owners set out to do: provide a safe, reliable handgun that practically anyone can afford.

I am a fan of Hi-Points, because they are the best value in the gun market. The official retail price for a Hi-Point C9 is $179, but depending on where you shop, you'll find them for as little as $120 or as high as $200. At a recent gun show, a vendor actually tried to sell me a Hi-Point C9 for $575, and when I asked him about the price, he graciously replied that there was some wiggle room in the asking price.

These guns are accurate and reliable and can take a heck of a lot of abuse and still work, so thereís no reason not to appreciate a Hi-Point. And yet some gun snobs look down their noses on these guns and call them heavy and ugly.

Search the Internet, and you'll find two types of people: those who write that they are cheap pieces of crap and they would never own one, and those who do own one and say that these guns will always work when you pull the trigger. Typically the former group has never actually shot a Hi-Point, while the latter group either has shot one or owns one. It seems that any negative comments you find about Hi-Points are based on perception, not on actual experience with the gun.

As part of my gun review, I put my personal C9 through a variety of demanding real world scenarios and abuse tests, like repeatedly dropping the gun on a hard surface. Apart from a few scratches, the gun passed the tests with flying colors. Better than my higher-priced guns have.

Itís not very probable that you would ever drive over your gun, but I placed my gun on soft ground and drove over it several times with a large pick up truck, to see if the slide would bend or the polymer frame would crack. I even let the tires spin on it to see if the slide would separate from the frame. It didnít. The slide is fine and the frame is undamaged.

If the gun is stored in a glove compartment, itís quite possible that something could find its way into the barrel. So Iíve fired this Hi-Point remotely, with a barrel obstruction, to see if the barrel would bulge or burst. It did not. Storage in a carís glove box can also subject a gun to vibrations that can work things loose, so I placed this Hi-Point in a wooden box on the hood of a lawnmower for a day of cutting grass. Nothing rattled loose.

It even still functions when soiled with fine powder, gritty mud or sticky flour paste with only the occasional failure to extract when grit on a fired cartridge makes a mechanical lock with the chamber walls. When the works are really gummed up, it sometimes takes a smart clap on the back of the slide to close it all the way into battery. After these tests, I have come to the conclusion that despite it's very low price, a Hi-Point is every bit as reliable and tough as a more expensive handgun. If this gun were a car, it wouldn't be a Cadillac. It would be a Chevy. Inexpensive, but reliable, and ultimately just as good or even better at doing its job than a Cadillac.

Because of its reliability and low price, my C9 has earned a place in my kayak. If I need it, I know it will work. If I roll my kayak and canít recover the gun from the bottom of the river, Iím only out what amounts to the cost of gas and food for that kayak trip. That's well worth the peace of mind that comes with having a gun when youíre alone in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service.

What other people who own a Hi-Point C9 have said about their gun:

"Offhand at 15 yards, I could consistently keep all eight shots from the magazine in a group about the size of a DVD, which is respectable."

"Hi-Point has perhaps the single best warranty of any manufacturer in the gun industry. It even covers normal wear and tear with no questions asked. If your C9 breaks for any reason whatsoever, Hi-Point will repair or replace the gun free for the life of the gun no matter if youíre the original owner or not."

"The gun is too big for concealed carry. I put 100 rounds of Federal ammo through it and the gun worked perfectly. It was a little stiff at first, but loosened up very quickly. I'm 100% completely happy I purchased this gun and would trust my life to it."

"Great gun, right out of the box. Nice slide finish. It cannot fire if the magazine is removed, which is a good safety feature. I shot 900 rounds and I only had a single 'smoke stack' at about 500 rounds. The gun is heavy due to the large thick slide, but it makes for a smooth shooter. Very accurate, comfortable and reliable. I will get another. USA made."

"Ignore what snobs say. I've shot Glocks and Berettas and I'm not impressed with their accuracy. Why buy a pistol for 500 bucks when you can buy 4 of these Hi-Point C9 for the same price and have a better warranty?"

"The C9 is a little beast. It chewed through 100 rounds of 115 grain Russian TulAmmo like a champ. Don't limp wrist it and all will be well. You can't beat this 9mm for the money. No wonder they sold out right after I got my order in. If you are thinking about the Hi Point, just do it. They are cool little guns that go bang and they hit what you are aiming at. Heck, for the price, buy two!"

Hi-Point C9 Video Review:

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