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  1. But not at the same rally.
  2. Skills.
  3. The man didn't pull it out himself because of what happened to Steve Irwin.
  4. Somebody in this story smelled a rat.
  5. This has been an ongoing issue for years, the transit union says.
  6. After the violence in Virginia and Trump's reactions to it, the dictionary said that top lookups this week included "fascism", "neo-Nazi" and "bigot."
  7. Spectators egged on the chefs.
  8. Ooowee, this gives us the willies.
  9. "Trumpy the Rat" makes its debut near Trump Tower in New York.
  10. "It was an experience to meet such a stately animal up close," said the hiker who took the video.
  11. A similar accident occurred in May.
  12. The lawnmowers can reach speeds approaching 50 mph.
  13. The winner says, "When you’re as old as I am, it’s an achievement.”
  14. If the current is strong, the swim only takes 12 minutes.
  15. Try getting this one out of your head.