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Mossberg .22LR Tactical AR-15 Style Rifle Clone

Mossberg Tactical with carry handle

Mossberg Tactical with red dot scope

The Mossberg .22LR Tactical rifle is an AR-15 clone. While a .22LR caliber rifle obviously doesn't pack the punch of a .223 caliber rifle, you should not underestimate the lethality of the Mossberg Tactical. More people and animals have been killed by .22 ammo than all other types of ammo combined.

The Mossberg Tactical is very accurate at the range, especially with a red dot scope, and makes a great hunting gun. And the fact that is looks and feels like an AR-15 makes it undeniably fun to shoot. When I took it to the gun range, everyone wanted to shoot it. And at a price of only $230 at Walmart, you just can't go wrong with this gun. .22 AR-15 clones from other manufacturers, like the M4 Carbine from Colt and Umarex, cost well over $500 and really aren't any better than the Mossberg.

What others have said about the Mossberg .22LR Tactical rifle:

"When I opened up the box, the rifle was everything that I had read. Very well put together, weighed a little more than expected, but that is a good thing. There are a lot of upgrades available for his rifle. Excellent purchase. I think I'm going to buy a second one if they are still in stock."

"I took my new Mossberg Tactical rifle to the range and let me tell you, for this price, you will not find a better deal. Seriously! This thing, once zeroed in, which took no time at all, was spot on accurate from close to 50 yds. Its smooth, fun, and no issues. I put 250 rounds through, of all types from cheap to pricey, and no issues. I highly recommend this gun. I am really happy I bought this. It will go with my Sig522 nicely."

"This is one bad ass gun. It's only a .22 but it's very intimidating. Perfect for home defense."

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