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Fenton Woman Lori Sisak Fails to Rob Smoke Shop
And Settles for $7.50 From The Tip Jar

According to a St. Louis County Police report, Lori Sisak, 29, of San Marcos Dr in Fenton, Missouri, brought a knife with her to a shop called Smoke Sensations on a Saturday night last month and demanded money out of the cash register. The smoke shop employee said the register wouldn't open unless she purchased something.

So Sisak grabbed the tip jar off the counter, containing various coins totaling $7.50, and ran out of the store.

Was it worth it? Probably not. The $7.50 won't even buy her two cups of coffee at Sturbucks these days. And then there's the $50,000 bond set on Sisak, who was charged Tuesday with one count of first-degree robbery and one count of armed criminal action by the the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

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