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BB Gun Review:
Umarex Steel Storm Fully-Automatic Machine Gun
The World's Most Dangerous Toy?

Steel Storm with a silencer, red dot scope and tactical laser.

Steel Storm with foregrip, laser and red dot scope.

Steel Storm with stock, laser and red dot scope.

There are many aftermarket mods available for the Umarex Steel Storm. There are also video clips online that show how to modify the gun's six-shot burst into a fully automatic burst.

As long as BB guns like the Umarex Steel Storm are for sale at department stores in most states, and anyone (including escaped mental patients) can buy one of these without a background check, or a mental health check or any other regulation, gun control is a moot point.

Caliber: .177 BB
Length: 15 inches
6-shot burst "full-auto" action
Single-shot semi-auto action
300-round reservoir
Powered by two 12g CO2 capsules housed in the grip
Built in 30-round BB magaine
Claimed Speed: 430 fps
Velocity clocked on Chronograph: 421 fps

What people are saying about this gun:

-“This has GOT to be the greatest bb gun ever made. I shredded a can into shrapnel in under a minute and still had plenty of bb's and co2. This is truly a very memorable gun and really sticks out from the crowd.”

-“I bought this gun for my 14-year-old son, mostly for shooting targets. But he has been killing lots of pests with it, including crows and groundhogs.”

-“This thing is just great fun to shoot. I put a foregrip and a red dot sight on it and I can hit bottle caps at 25 feet.”

-“A friend of mine has a 20 foot shooting range set up in his attic. I have shot about 1500 rounds through this gun already, and found the accuracy to be very good. The weight and kick back action on this gun is great. You can very quickly cut soda cans in half.”

-“The best gun you will ever shoot. If you want a gun to kill squirrels, this is the one. It will stop anything dead in its tracks.”

-“If you have ever wanted to own a legal full auto gun, this is for you!”

-“I have been shooting air guns for many years now, all I can say about the steel storm in 3 words, FUN FUN FUN! What a blast!!!”

-“I never thought I'd enjoy a bb gun as much as I enjoy this one. It's aggressive looking, chews up cans in seconds, and with a red dot sight it's very accurate.”

-“A really fun gun at a great price. I obliterated an old flower pot into crumbs with it.”

-“The best gun ever. So much fun. It rips through everything.”

-“This gun is super accurate! At 40 feet I hit a pop can with both the single fire and 6 round burst. I also take out chipmunks from 35 feet. The power is outstanding. I would recommend this gun to anyone!!!”

-“This is the most fun $80 will buy! Good quality. Put a red dot on it and blast away! It's super fun!”

-“Awesome machine gun with power! I added a BSA red dot sight and underneath a swat spotlight with pressure switch on the trigger guard. We had an unwanted burglar in our backyard Halloween night and he barely got away! Darn I really wanted to blast his ass! He heard me warning him to come out and take his steel medicine and jumped the 8 foot fence in terror leaving his hat behind. The cops were combing the neighborhood for this jackass and caught him around the corner. Lucky for him the cops got him first!”

-“Outstanding gun. Looks and feels real. Great for squirrels, and fun to shoot. I love this gun.”

-“Looks real, a bit too real. You can't walk about your suburban backyard with this thing cause if someone sees you they are liable to call the swat team.”

-“It shoots through my door! Very strong, and powerful.”

-“This is the best airgun I have ever bought.”

-“Umarex have knocked the ball out of the park with this one. It's just such a riot to shoot with.”

-“An absolute blast, Well worth the price! I bought 2, one for myself and one for my best friend.”

-“How can you not give this item an exceptional review? I've taken this to the range and have had all my buddies take their turn with this. All of them saying that they were going to buy one! Great price for loads of laughs and fun.”

-“This BB machine gun is WAY COOL, it's more fun to shoot than watching TV. Backyard plinking in burst mode is outrageous fun. Get one today!!!!! I'm 67 years old, but this gun makes me feel like a teenager again! : )”

-“This gun is a monster. It's wicked. It put a HUGE smile on my face in 6 burst mode.”

-“Be careful, this thing looks real, and in the wrong place at the wrong time it can get you arrested or worse.”

-“Realistic full auto fire - it looks, feels and sounds like a suppressed MAC-10 9mm. The fun factor and wow effect is profound. Mount an inexpensive laser sight, zero it in, and just try to wipe that grin off your face.”

-“This thing is a beast. It shoots fast. Real fast!”

-“It has a high fear factor for a bb gun. It looks intimidating. The 6 round burst is fantastic. The gun is totally addictive and the gun is a very noisy beast. It also has a very impressive rate of fire on 6 round burst that seems to be close to equal to the mac 10. It shredded not only the can down range but the back stop behind it as well. Instead of steel storm, I would have called it the meat grinder. I put a laser on the lower weaver rail and now it has accuracy as well as deadly shredding ability.”

-“Umarex has released quite the little beast. From the aesthetics to the performance, this airgun is just plain cool. I've shot about 2500 rounds so far without any problems. I can hit an old car antenna at 30 feet distance about 75% of the time with a red dot sight. The 6 round burst mode is giggle-inducing fun, and tearing fruit apart with it is a blast. Add some accessories to the picatinnys and you've got the most "tacti-cool" bb gun on the block.”

-”This gun is amongst the most fun I've ever had with any gun I've ever fired, including real firearms! The 6 shot burst is just awesome and the gun has a little kick to it too.”

-“Amazing rate of fire. 6 round burst is so fast you can't hear individual shots. For shear firepower, NOTHING comes close to this gun. Don't expect to be shooting this thing in residential neighborhoods. It's quite loud and will scare your neighbors.”

-”You will LOVE the 6 shot automatic mode. Darnn shame what it did to that squirrel I shot the other day.”

-“Me and my 2 buddies opened the Fed-Ex box and tested the steel storm extensively today. We're in our early 30s, but we were giggling like little school girls. It's surprisingly accurate and it looks sick! Very menacing. If you want to get an adult excited about shooting a bb gun, the steel storm has the look, the performance and the realistic feel to do it. This thing is not a toy.”

-“I like everything about this gun. The feel and the power. I had no idea that it would shoot that fast. It's a bit scary at first. I wouldn't get this gun for kids.” -“Shooting the steel storm is addicting. You will not want to put it down.”

-“Full auto 6 round bursts! Awesome feel in the hand. The loudness along with the recoil makes this feel like a real sub-machine gun. Very high on the *cool* factor.”

-“So far I have a red dot optic on it and just ordered a laser sight and tactical flashlight for it. My wife can't stop smiling when she shoots it. Even my 5 y/o son LOVES this little beast!”

-“This pistol is a blast!! My friends are amazed with it and the low cost. The sound alone of the six shot burst is reason enough to own one.” -“I love this gun. I ordered a 2nd one today. I am a retired police officer, sergeant, weapons training officer, and the author of, Dreams In Blue: The Real Police. Listen to me: Buy this gun!"

-“WOW. That's all I can say. This thing blew me away! It is NOT however a toy . This thing spits out 6 round bursts at a few hundred rounds per minute! In the wrong hands could be dangerous.”

-”This is one great weapon. Even though it is reasonably priced, please don't be fooled, this can hurt someone. It penetrates my wooden fence in the backyard. It tears up targets, cans, glas bottles and whatever you want to shoot at and there are a bunch of cool mods you can do to it. This gun is the funnest BB gun I've ever fired. Love this gun.”

-“I am amazed. The feel and function of this must be felt to be believed. This thing is really fun.”

-“I'll say this, they named it right! This thing is a blast. I put a leapers 30mm Red Dot on it and can bust beer cans at 15 yards all day long. The 6 round burst mode is sooo wild! Sure, it takes a little gas and a lot of bb's, but it is cheaper than 9mm ammo.”

-“Damn this gun is huge. About the size of 3 to 4 guns. It is a two-hander for sure. Mad fun!!”

-“I'm 57, and my dad is 89, I bought a pair of these. We haven't laughed and had so much fun shooting together in years.”

-“This gun is beyond awesome. The sound of this gun on burst is nothing short of addictive, it is fairly loud for a co2 gun to start with add to that auto fire and your smile just gets bigger. Turns cans to shreds effortlessly. This thing is VERY accurate. Better than most semi auto bb pistols. It's impossible to put down. Buy it now! In fact buy two! I'm considering a second one myself!”

-“Probably the most fun you can have with out a class 3 restricted license.”

-“This is the BADDEST BB Repeater I have ever used! Definitely not a toy!”

-“It is amazingly fun to shoot. Taking the number one spot quickly as my favorite gun.”

-”I was lucky enough to get this from my brother for Christmas, and it is AWESOME! The build quality is excellent, unlike other airguns I've used, and the burst mode is KICKA$$!! We shot at full soda cans, and all six shots hit before it was able to fall over.”

-”This thing is awesome...and just plain fun to fool around with. It makes me laugh every time I tear up a squirrel with it.”

Video Review:

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