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The Best BB Handgun:
Umarex XBG Airgun Pistol Review

For under $30, the Umarex XBG is the cheapest semi-automatic CO2 BB pistol you can buy. But don't let that fool you into thinking it's an inferior product. In our tests it has far outperformed more expensive BB handguns and even pellet pistols. Some people want their airgun to feel like a real firearm, made of metal, with blowback, recoil, loud noise and heavy weight. The Umarex XBG doesn't have any of those things. So it really doesn't feel like a real gun in your hand. It feels more like a plastic toy. But make no mistake, this gun is not a toy. Out of all the BB and pellet guns we tested, the Umarex XBG had the strongest punch. It tore apart soda cans like they were paper. And it easily pierced both sides of a soup can. The Crosman Phantom P10 (aka C11) BB handgun and the Gamo P-85 pellet pistol failed to do that, even though they are more expensive, and the packaging claims higher FPS.

The truth of the matter is, airgun manufacturers like to put high FPS numbers on the packaging of their guns, that are almost never replicated in the real world. Real world speeds, with real world ammo, and not those expensive special alloy pellets, are typically much lower. Sometimes by as much as 100 FPS below the claimed FPS on the package. But the Umarex XBG was right on the money. The packaging claims 410 FPS. And during a velocity chronograph test, the XBG actually clocked in at 411 FPS. Impressive.

If you want an airgun that mimics a firearm to shoot at paper targets, buy one of the metal guns with blowback. But if you want an air pistol that really packs a punch, buy the Umarex XBG. At 20 feet, it's just as accurate as the Gamo PT-85 Blowback pellet pistol we tested, but a lot more powerful than the Gamo PT-85. The PT-85 may feel more like a firearm in your hand, but the XBG performs more like a .22 handgun than the Gamo PT-85 does. And at less than half the price of the Gamo PT-85, the Umarex XBG is the clear winner. In our opinion it's simply the best CO2 handgun you can buy, BB or pellet. And the cheapest one on top of that. What more could you ask for?

What others have said about the Umarex XBG:

"The XBG is better than I expected it to be. I got it for my son thinking he would brake it or burn it out, but I came to find out that it is BETTER than the over-priced bb gun I got for myself. I went back and got another XBG for myself."

"I bought the Umarex XBG and the Walther CP99. The CP99 is a very realistic looking and feeling gun. The XBG looks and feels like a toy with the weight of a squirt gun. But it shoots with plenty of power and the CO2 lasts so much longer than in the CP99 blowback pistol. "

"Umarex makes real firearms in .45 ACP and training weapons for police in .22 LR, sub machine guns and AR-15 style rifles. And they make a wide range of BB and Airsoft guns as well. The quality of their guns is excellent. I use it for target practice without wasting money on 9mm ammo."

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